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Every Breath - Tasha Ivey “Sometimes, it takes someone just as broken as you are to heal you. Sometimes, it takes someone else to show you that you won’t heal until every breath you take is for you, not anyone else. The scars may not fade, but the heart can be put back together piece by piece, if you have the right person for the job.”Honestly I was pissed at Makenna in the beginning coz she’s just using Drew. That is before he revealed his true colors, the psycho! Darcy is so smart to dislike him. Good thing there is Sawyer.I love how Makenna and Sawyer’s relationship was eventually built. And it definitely didn’t hurt that Sawyer is just as sweet in person as he is in their email and video correspondence. He might be broken but he sure has a beautiful soul.And that epilogue?Swoon... I may have shed a tear or two.Well I’m glad it’s not just another love triangle story. Ok, a little but there’s no competition at all! Anyway, this is more than just a romance story. It’s about healing, moving on and happy ever after. I love it!♥