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Present Perfect

Present Perfect - Alison G. Bailey Another all-nighter! I was hooked after the first entry. And when I decided to call it a night, two words happened! There’s no way I’m sleeping after all.I admit the high rating got me curious. I didn’t read any review coz I’m afraid of spoilers but I did check the author’s Pinterest. These two especially caught my attention: So cute! Amanda aka Tweet is funny and sarcastic even as a kid while Noah is such a sweet boy. They’re so adorable together.Tweet and Noah have an easygoing friendship, what with being friends since they were kids (or newborns)! However, things got strained when they developed feelings for each other but Tweet is so stubborn to give them a chance. She feels like she’s a failure and not good enough so she keeps pushing him away. I hated her for that. She’s always crashing poor Noah’s heart. Fast forward to college and the total shock happened. My heart broke for her and I just want her to be okay. I have to agree with her though that everything happens for a reason. In a perverse way, it did make her realize things and that she wasted enough time that should have been spent with Noah."The present’s perfect, young grasshopper, because we’re breathing, moving, laughing, crying…” “You need to go thank him for that before you have to say goodbye. Everyone deserves a thank you and goodbye.”Awww, Dalton. Thank God she beat it. But alas, she has to go through it again. Why oh why Miss Bailey?! You actually scared me with that Notes to Halle and the epilogue in Noah’s pov!Overall, a very impressive debut novel. The author has a way with words that made the story addictive. I’ll be waiting for your next books Miss Bailey. I’m glad to have stumbled upon this precious gem. ♥