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Beneath Your Beautiful

Beneath Your Beautiful - Tamsyn Bester I like how the story started, it made me think it's going to be right up my alley of reads. The way Huntley's aunt and uncle took her in their care is touching and endearing. Poor girl for having to go through those terrible things. I also like Demi and Brody despite what they did. They trully are good friends.I think what started to make me lose interest is Grayson's hot and cold behavior. He's acting like a girl. The last straw is when they finally got together, same old "how can you love me I'm broken" drama. Sad to see it turn out to be one of those books with a generic plot. One last thing, I'm a bit distracted with the cover. It's just not how I imagined them.Overall a good debut. I'm just looking for something new.