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In the Fields - Willow Aster This book made me a swollen, puffy mess! I’m not really into historical fictions but since I’m already a fan of Willow Aster then I just had to read this. The story basically deals with a very sensitive topic of discrimination. I ended up loving this book even though I seemed to cry all the time I was reading. This book hurts! I hurt for Caroline for all she’s been through in her young life and I hurt for Isaiah for being a victim of an unjust humanity. At the age of 15, practically a kid, Caroline had to deal with the harsh reality that is her life. Her parents don’t appreciate nor deserve her and a friendship between her and Isaiah evolved into a relationship frowned upon by many. Unfortunate events thus follow but as they say true love always finds its way back. “I will always be grateful that we were given another chance, and when hard times come, I will know that we’ve already endured the worst. We can handle anything as long as we’re together.” Several characters like Dr. H, Ruby, Brenda, Sadie, Shelby, Miss Greener, Miss Sue and of course Davis and Gracie also made this story special. Willow Aster is without a doubt an amazing author. She created a brilliant story, a story not just about love but also about the triumph of the human spirit. This story deserves more than 5 stars! I love it!