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A Little Too Far

A Little Too Far  - Lisa Desrochers I'm kind of torn between 3 and 4 stars so l guess I'll settle with a 3.5 - a little above average. What made it so? Well for starters, the plot though basically a love story and a little illicit is unlike anything I've read before, specifically of the NA kind. It's a bit messed up but it's easy to read and the pace is just right, not too fast nor dragging. The characters are also appealing and I'm definitely glad who Lexie ended up but I also feel bad for the other guy. But he's getting his own book so all is good. This story has the right amount of drama, angst and romance and I did like reading it. So why not a little higher on the rating? It's because I'm not gaga over the story and a 3.5 is more than an ok kind of read for me. :)