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Learning to Live - R.D. Cole I knew I would be moved by this story after tearing up in the first chapter! It was nice to finally read a new adult romance with an independent, strong woman as a main character who didn't annoy me. Trudy is one of those inspiring book characters for despite what she'd been dealt in the past, she didn't turn out to be helpless and vulnerable. As with Jax, he's not one of those college guys often described as a womanizing jock. He's this sweet and determined guy and a loving brother who was perfect for Tru. I also liked Jazz and can't wait for her story. And I hope there will be a lot more of cute little Cohen in the future.So I guess what I'm saying is that I enjoyed reading this refreshing story of survival, acceptance, love, and of a woman's strength to move on. “I’m thankful for being alive and for the circumstances that led me here. Good or bad, they made me who I am and without them I wouldn’t be here with you.” - Trudy 4 moving and refreshing stars!❤