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Falling Into Infinity (Infinity, #1)

Falling Into Infinity (Infinity, #1) - Layne Harper There maybe a few similarities with other stories out there like the guy changed from being a womanizer and the girl has her own issues but at least there's gradual relationship build up and not the cliche kind. There is enough time for the main characters to know each other well before they became a couple. I think it's sweet that Colin asks Charlie to marry him everyday. But of course like any other relationships, they have their share of problems and issues. You think they have conquered Colin's popularity and Charlie's baggage but no, it's a different story when it's love versus dreams...Yes the story line may not be new but I was still sucked into the story I didn't realize I'm almost done. Reading this was like a breath of fresh air. Just the right mix of romance and drama. Even better is to discover that it's a second chance romance, my favorite kind of read. :)